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Welcome fuckers!

Yo peeps,

Welcome to Gonzo Mathematics, the place for in-your-face awesome stuff like cool mathematical theorems and whatnot. That’s right, shit just got real, homes! So sit tight, get cozy with your favourite beverage, and enjoy some good ol’ math, science or whatever bad-ass thing I might decide to lay on your ass.

Most (all?) the content in this blog will be about probability theory. Yes, you heard it! Awesome, I know! But it is not going to be any of that weak-sauce probability theory you hear about in high-school or whatever. I won’t teach you to calculate the winning chances in a game of roulette or Black-Jack or some other juvenile (albeit hilarious) activity – if you wanna know that craps (see what I did there?!?) look it up on Wikipedia or wha’ever…I dont care yo. No this shit is about real big-boy probability theory; we are gonna learn about crazy and cool-sounding stuff like sigma-algebras and Banach-Tarski’s Paradox. I know what you’re thinking: “this is gonna be sooooo freakin’ good”. If you were thinking that, you would be right, my friend. It’s gonna be hella-fucking-cool.